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Rewilding with Native Meadows 

September 30 @ 9:00 am 10:15 am

Wildflowers on the prarie.

Do you own a sunny open space? Is it just a basic lawn? You could be part of the solution to habitat and biodiversity loss! Gardeners around the world are waking up to the realities of devastating losses of biodiversity all around them and joining forces with designers and ecologists to convert their lawns and gardens into habitat oases for locally adapted species. Here in the PNW, the native meadow that once occupied the Puget lowlands in great swaths aren’t even on our radar, but there was once much more than just forestland here. Unfortunately, most of the land that was once meadows is now housing. Let’s learn together how we can give some of that space back to native habitat and enjoy the robust and unique beauty of native wildflower meadows. Raylee will take you through the unique history of our gorgeous native meadows into how we can employ techniques developed by designers to source plants and convert your spaces back into functioning ecosystems.