Rebecca McMackin

Ecologically obsessed horticulturist and garden designer

Adventures in Ecological Horticulture

Michael Blackstock.

Who doesn’t love butterflies? Our gardens can be stunningly beautiful while also providing habitat for the wildlife that enriches our lives. Indeed, in these dire times, garden design and management must consider the many other organisms that use our land. However, traditional landscaping practices rarely take biodiversity into consideration, and there is a dearth of effective guidelines to follow.

For ecological horticulturist Rebecca McMackin cultivating habitat is central to landscape management.

In her 11 years as Director of Horticulture at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Rebecca oversaw 85 acres of diverse, organic landscapes, all managed to support birds, butterflies, and soil microorganisms. If she can do it in the middle of New York City, you can do it in your garden.

Join us to learn how to use ecological insight and experimentation to develop new management strategies – and why careful observation and documentation of the insects, birds, and other wildlife in your gardens is crucial to their success.