BONUS CLASS: Yoga for the Gardener

Instructor: Deb Hammond
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--Easy "Garden Yoga"! No mats or other gear needed.

Common Native Bees of Washington State

Instructor: Connie Mehmel
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--This presentation is an introduction to several of the common and important native bees in Washington State, their life cycles, food plants, and ways to attract them to your garden or farm. 

Pesticide Use and Safety 

Instructor: Wendy Sue Wheeler
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--Pesticides are classified by mode of action. This presentation will take a look at modes of actions and how they impact the environment and the ecosystem differently.
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RainScaping: Nature-inspired Solutions to Manage Home Runoff

Instructor: Peggy Campbell
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--Rainwater running off residential properties washes pollutants – such as garden chemicals, sediment and bacteria – from yards, roofs and hard surfaces and into local waterways.

What’s Buzzing? Supporting Pollinators in Your Backyard 

Instructor: Lisa DeVetter
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--Pollination is essential for the development of many of our favorite fruits and vegetables. Insects provide most of our pollination services, but many species are in decline.

School Gardens: Growing Food, Growing Learning, Growing Support  

Instructor: Laurie Williams
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--K-12 School Gardens are growing around the globe. These outdoor classrooms and living laboratories are important for connecting student learning in all subjects and helping students become nature's stewards.

Finding Our Way Home: Native Plants in the Garden 

Instructor: Robin O'Quinn
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--This presentation explores how our goals and expectations as gardeners may be at odds with the biological truths of natural systems ...

Nutrient Decline in Vegetables 

Instructor: Muriel Nesbitt
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--Over the past several decades a decline has been noted in the nutrient density of vegetables and other plant-derived foods...

Plant Galls: Beauty and the Beast 

Instructor: Christine Heycke
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--You may have seen colorful, bumpy or fuzzy structures on leaves or stems and wondered what they were.

Waterwise Landscaping 

Instructor: Kris Moberg-Hendron
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--We all want to reduce our water bill and minimize the time required to maintain a beautiful landscape. 

Irrigation System Design for the Home Garden 

Instructor: Linda Stock
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--This class will help you in designing efficient irrigation systems for your home garden that provide adequate water delivery and efficient water conservation.

Gardening for Bumblebees

Instructor: Rich Hatfield
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--Pollinators are essential for healthy plants and gardens, and gardens and healthy plants are essential for pollinators.

Waterwise Gardens: Cultivate Your Water Conscious Oasis!  

Instructor: Nancy Goodin
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--As climate changes and water demand grows, become empowered to make simple, smart decisions that can have a significant impact on the beauty and health of your garden.

Cultivating Volunteer Leaders 

When gardening, is it the tools and seeds, or the climate and soil condition, that lead to the richest cultivation? The same paradox can be applied to cultivating volunteers. This workshop will focus on many tools and approaches that will lead you to experiencing a rich volunteer network. You will gain awareness of the three major elements of such a network and learn how slight changes in their current program could greatly enhance their volunteer retention, decrease conflict, and improve realized impacts.Two case studies will be presented, and small groups will engage in discussion regarding the representative networks. Professional and…